Busy, Busy!

Hello readers and fellow puppet enthusiasts! We’ve had a long silence here on the blog, but only because so much has been happening elsewhere. We have some new things coming up in the new year, too, but I thought a quick recap might be in order first. I’ll do my best to put down the puppets and update you on some upcoming events, as well.

Kids on The Block

I’ve had the pleasure of spending much of my time with these fun characters! In October, I began a contract with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) as a puppeteer for their Kids on the Block troupe. We perform educational scripts in elementary schools in and around Peterborough, Ontario about mental and physical health. For more information about these shows, and to invite us to your school, please visit the CMHA Peterborough website.

Also in October, I had the pleasure of facilitating a workshop for the lovely volunteer announcers and hosts at Canoe FM in Haliburton. Turns out puppets and puppeteering are a great way to hone interviewing skills, while having fun at the same time, of course ūüėČ

In addition to my puppeteering hat, I’ve been coordinating two community art projects in North Hastings, Ontario. The North Hastings Community Hand Bell Choir (funded by the New Horizons for Seniors grant) have been practicing their new musical skills and are now accepting invitations to perform for community groups and events. They recently had their first performance at the Riverstone Retirement Home in Bancroft, and received rave reviews. The hand bells really do sound amazing, and make for a fun, interactive and unique performance!

Creative ConnectionsMy second coordination project is a community arts project funded by the Ontario Arts Council¬†called “Celebrating Creative Connections”. Participants are now enjoying a series of workshops called “Mural Painting and Papier Mache for Theatre”, facilitated by North Hastings artist, Ketha Newman. The masks, props, costumes and murals they create will be used by the dancers in the final project, a music video. It’s incredible seeing this great vision coming together!

Creative Facilitation

I just got back from attending an amazing workshop in Toronto by PYE Global called Creative Facilitation 1 and 2. What an inspiring and energizing couple weekends! I can’t wait to apply some of these engaging activities and techniques in my own workshops with children, youth and adults.

It’s been a great couple months, but there are many exciting things ahead as well. Don’t forget to follow Puppeteria on Facebook¬†for more frequent updates. I may even attempt to get a Twitter account going in the near future (I told you great things were happening!)


A New Home and an Updated Website

The past month has been very intense here at Puppeteria. We have made a physical move for our home & Puppeteria office from Wilberforce to Peterborough! Our house in Wilberforce sold in record time with a very short closing date so all the tasks associated with moving had to happen very quickly. Down-sizing from 2,700 square feet of living, workshop & office space to 900 square feet of living, workshop & office space added greatly to the challenge and I have to admit, there are still several lingering boxes whose contents need to be sorted, put away, given away or thrown away. It’s worth it though! I’m thoroughly enjoying the much de-cluttered and efficient nature of our new, compact, comfortable home. The puppets seem quite pleased with their new space as well and are able to keep a closer watch on me as I work on new programming and rehearse new scripts.

With new contact information, updating the Puppeteria website also became a high priority and a great opportunity to add information about our brand new birthday party packages and other expanding services. I hope you’ll take the time to explore each page to check out the changes. One of the most exciting changes is the addition of the Puppeteria Chef! He appears in a different pose on each page as the “spokespuppet” of Puppeteria. Many thanks go out to the talented Aaron King, who designed and created this unique character for Puppeteria. The photos in the posting from January 26th, 2014 show the puppet version of the Puppeteria Chef. You’ll be hearing more from him as time goes on. I’m also fortunate and grateful to have an excellent web designer, Linda Middleton, of Crystal Image Studio, who worked her magic to make all the changes and get my updated site live in a very timely fashion.

One big advantage to our change in location is easier access to a whole new geographical area and population base. We’re very excited to serve Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes, Durham, Northumberland, Hastings and Haliburton Counties! I look forward to making new friends and colleagues in these areas as well as nurturing and growing with my friends and colleagues in Haliburton County and North Hastings. If you know anyone who might be interested in a puppetry workshop or a birthday puppet show, please steer them in my direction. I look forward to your comments and ideas!

Making of a Puppet


The pile of materials from the last post is looking a little bit more like a puppet! You may notice there are 3 clay noses in the photo. This colourful little chef will in fact have only one nose. I’m just waiting for the noses to dry and then I’ll figure out which one to use and attach it to the face. It should be fun doing the rest of the facial features. There will be lots of hair to attach! Sewing the chef apron and hat is likely to be the most challenging part of this puppet. I’ll keep you posted!

A New Year, New Puppets & New Skills!

I hope your Holiday Season was fun and creative with lots of time spent with family and friends.

Although I haven’t been very good about posting on a regular basis, there are many exciting things brewing here at Puppeteria for the New Year. Thanks to Aaron King, Dani Richardson, Christopher King and Sarah Haber, I am registered for an on-line course starting in January called “Content Brew” through MomComm. The course description reads, “In Content Brew, you‚Äôll learn how to plan & create fresh content ideas for your blog, Facebook and Twitter. You‚Äôll also learn ways to find content to share and tools to make doing all of this easier.” Yay!! – I can hardly wait! ¬†As someone who is far more comfortable with fabric, scissors, glue and goggly eyes than with computers, I think this course will help me tremendously. ¬†Thank you to my insightful family members who realized some help was needed in this department and came to my rescue.

This photo is of the materials that will be used in the creation of a brand new puppet! Puppeteria is taking on a new chef to help promote our delicious offerings of workshops, creativity and fun. I’ll keep you posted on his progress as this stack of textured colour takes on a life of its own.


There are lots of other great things happening in the new year.  Three elementary schools in Haliburton County have hired me to teach a total of 17 Puppetry Arts workshops between now and the end of the school year! Students from grades 1 to 6 will be making their own unique puppets, creating scripts, making props, designing sets and honing their performance skills.  A special thanks to the Haliburton Highlands Arts Council for making the Artist in the Schools program possible!

Puppeteria is forging new partnerships in the new year in the Community Services sector to use puppets for Anti-Abuse Training, Independent Planning Facilitation and social skills. ¬†I’ll keep you posted on these and all the other Puppeteria adventures as we charge enthusiastically ¬†in to 2014.

Happy New Year to all!  Wishing you a year filled with love, joy and creativity!