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Here’s what is being served up for  teachers and educational assistants!

For Educators

Workshop Fee

$200 (for the workshop) + $100 (for all materials & supplies) + $39 (HST) = $339*

* For schools located more than 50 km from Peterborough, there is a travel fee of 25 cents per km.


To book your workshop, contact Linda Briden at 416-655-9649 or email linda@puppeteria.ca.

“Know Me”

Our newest educational workshop is called “Know Me”. Shelley King and Linda Briden combined their individual talents and areas of expertise to create a uniquely creative program for students in grades 3 to 6. This 1 ½ hour workshop gives students the opportunity to challenge assumptions and discover common ground with classmates and members of their community, despite surface differences. Puppetry is used as the medium for delivering and reinforcing the key messages. We use a combination of sock puppets and shadow puppetry to present to the students. Following a classroom discussion, each student makes and uses their own sock puppet to keep the learning going.


The “Know Me” workshop focuses on the importance of sharing and listening to one another’s story. Through a powerful, hands-on, and interactive presentation, we address BIG ideas such as the value of a diverse and inclusive society, the importance of tolerance, and the power of each individual voice.


“Know Me” addresses several outcomes in the Ontario Arts curriculum and Ontario Social Studies curriculum for Grades 3, 4, 5 & 6. As educators we strive to promote the development of a sense of “who I am and who we are”. It is important for our schools to foster a sense of community where all students feel included and appreciated. “Know Me” successfully promotes such relationships and ideals.

“Every single one of my students was deeply engaged in the puppet workshop. The presenters were friendly, encouraging, and so well prepared that student frustration or wait time was not an issue. The students loved it, and quickly and easily identified with the characters of their puppets. I highly recommend this workshop!” - Caroline Tees, Grade 4/5 Teacher



What Teachers & Students are Saying about “Know Me”

“The Puppeteria workshop was wonderful. What a terrific way to teach children that it is important to take the time to get to know someone rather than make assumptions based on appearance or “hear say”. Allowing the kids to create their own unique puppets, captivates their attention and imagination.  What a terrific visual of the message: Don’t judge or assume; find out!” - Patt MacDowell, Grade 5/6 Teacher

“I highly recommend inviting Puppeteria into your classroom. This workshop integrated the arts with character education and a positive message of acceptance. The students were engaged, and a creative and fun experience was had by all.” - Andrea Blackburn, Grade 4 Teacher

“I think this was the best puppet show/activity that I have ever done!”

- Chloe & Queenie (the puppet), Grade 5/6 student



“The best thing I’ve done in school! Keep that up and you’ll be the next big, unbelievably fun thing!”  - Emerson, Grade 4 student

“I have made puppets before but never as good as the one I made with Puppeteria. It was so so so fun. I think it was the best part of my year!!”

- Tanner, Grade 4 student


“One of the most fun things I’ve ever done at school.” - Claire, Grade 4 student

Making a difference, one puppet at a time!

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