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Puppets and Caregivers are Perfect Partners!

Puppetry for Caregivers


This hands-on workshop is ideal for caregivers of children, people with intellectual disabilities, or the elderly. Puppets are a fun and effective tool to assist with communication, expressing feelings, storytelling, skills development, problem solving, building relationships and enhancing creativity.


In this workshop, you will create a unique “Puppet Partner” to assist you on the job. Bring your puppet to life through puppetry techniques used by the pros. We will conclude our time together by practicing a number of home and work-based scenarios with the puppets, so your puppet can be “put to work” (and play) right away!


Contact Shelley through the “Contact” page or call 705-957-9030 to discuss your workshop needs.  Fees are dependent on length of workshops, number of participants and location.  We look forward to working with you!

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*ONLINE COURSE* Puppet Rx: Medicine For the Caregiver’s Soul


Are you struggling to maintain or develop a more positive relationship with the people you provide care for?


If so, congratulations to you for your love and compassion towards a person in your life who really needs it. Relationships are super important at all times, but when the dynamics of a relationship are a moving target due to changes in cognitive function, loss of independence, or effects of medication and treatment, it’s not unusual to feel frustrated, upset, guilty, emotionally drained, angry, sad or worn out.  In a word - overwhelmed.


If this describes you, Puppeteria’s first online course, Puppet Rx: Medicine For the Caregiver’s Soul, was created for you. In Puppet Rx, you’ll walk away with a toolbox full of strategies, activities, resources and lots of creative fun to strengthen your relationships with the people you care for. Together, you’ll explore your loved one or client’s personal life stories and honour those stories through art-making & doing puppetry. Most importantly, you’ll have the tools to create so many moments of joy - every day - and that’s the best medicine of all.


For more information, click on the Online Courses link in the menu bar at the top of the page.




Bringing Stories to Life Through Puppetry


Puppeteria’s Shelley King recently coordinated and facilitated an intergenerational project with residents from Fairhaven Long Term Care in Peterborough, Ontario.  This short little video captures the spirit of this puppetry project.


If you work in, or know of, a retirement home or long term care home that would like to have a similar project, please contact Shelley from the “Contact” page or call 705-957-9030 to discuss your ideas.


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